Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nap time

I don't remember the last time I had a nap, but I am going to today! Right now actually, after I finish this post. I had to be at work for 7 this morning which meant I was up around 5:15 am. I am a pretty good morning person but that is still too early and I didn't have the best sleep. But, I did get off work earlier!

When I lived in residence during my first year at University, my friend Teira's room was always the place to hang out. People were always coming and going. She shared it with a quirky girl named Antoniette and they both had the comfiest beds (although, everyone technically had the same bed, but somehow theirs were better). I even slept a few nights in Ant's bed and her in mine (I had my own room which was cool, but Teira had a humidifier and I always slept soo well - and let's admit it, Teira and I loved our sleepovers because we would get chicken fingers from Legacy's and play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit). Anyways, the knowledge of their comfy beds got out, and since they never locked their door, people would often nap in their room! Strange things happen in residence! Soon, we made a sign for their door and it was called "The Department of Napology". I miss res!

(Teira and I in front of her door. Antoniette's name isn't on the door even though it was her room too, we replaced her name with mine as a joke since I spent more time there. You can see the "Department of Napology" sign near the top!)

So, off to nap I go!

Do you like napping?


Jude said...

Happy napping! Just saw this and the bottom photo is adorable :) (Top one is lovely too!)

M.G.T said...

The good old days!

TeiraMarie said...

I miss that. SO much. Can we go back to the days when I didn't work very much and didn't really do homework that much and we just hung out all the time?! PLEASE. I miss that.

While I was on the bus today I came to the realization that uni really is the best time of your life... it is so stressful and so much fun without proper responsibilities and no getting up everyday at 6:30 to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Yes. Uni is the best. I'll never take that back.

TeiraMarie said...

Also, I love napping. I believe napping should be part of everyone's day. I think it makes so much sense and I think the world would be happier if we all had nap time.