Saturday, September 11, 2010

LUSH shampoo bars

I love Lush! Have you ever been to one? They sell solid shampoo bars, among many other fresh, handmade products, and I am pretty addicted. They come as is - so once it is gone, it is gone, no big bottle to throw away. It is perfect for traveling or you could throw it in your gym bag. I tried Godiva a few months ago and it made my hair very soft and manageable and smelled sooo good. You just wet your hair, wet the bar, and swipe it on your hair from front to back about 3 times and then lather up! I bought Seanik today and I am very excited to use it tomorrow! Have you ever heard of solid shampoo bars? Have you ever tried them?


jackie said...

I love them. They smell so good!

Signe said...

Never been to one, but I hear so many good things about it that I'll have to change that soon! Just love that there is no plastic to pollute our environment :)

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I've never come across shampoo bars here but in Pakistan most people use them because its so hot and the liquid ends up very runny but they don't have nice smells to them (if anything no real smell at all) but they have fantastic hair because of it.