Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Fall is almost here, can you believe it? I can't, and you know why? We have had the worst summer ever here. I don't even feel like we had a summer - it has been so rainy and cold (it reached 30C (86F) only one day! One! And that was last week!) It's like fall has been here for 4 months already. I am not even that huge of a summer fan. I don't do that well in the heat, I burn super easy, and I just feel so uncomfortable if it is too hot; but I still feel like I got totally jipped this year. At least I had a week in Hawaii. But either way, fall is my favourite season. I love the spicy smells, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, the crisp air, and all the colours. And I really love being able to wear big scarves, sweaters, boots and jackets!

(Fall over Calgary spotted on Trek Earth)

(Utility jacket Spotted on Old Navy - I have it in black and it's great!)

(Yarn scarf Spotted on Northernlodge)

(Knee high boots Spotted on RUCHE)


M.G.T said...

I'm with you Megs. Fo serious.

That = Fall to me

Rebecca-Elizabeth said...

Pretty sure I want those boots on the ASAP.

And I'm expecting Autumn to hit Dallas in oh about December. Can't wait.

Signe said...

Those boots are amazing, drool!

Jude said...

I am ready for autumn! Esp. if I get to wear those boots :)

minnja said...

I love the autumn:)))