Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love your kidneys

How cute is this little guy? A life sized plush kidney. I want one - actually, I want two! He is a kidney after all, and they come best in pairs.

Over 2 million people have chronic kidney disease in Canada. That is about double the population of Calgary - the fourth largest city in the country by population. That is a huge amount.

So make sure you take care of your kidneys, and for a little fun, take the kidney quiz! (I'm proud to say I got 100%). And if you really want, head over to The Kidney Foundation of Canada's website.


M.G.T said...

Adorable! Kidneys are the bomb.

Signe said...

Hihi, he really is a cutie :)
Hugs and a great weekend to you!

Marley said...

It wouldn't let me take the test on the little laptop so eventually I will try on the big one... I am scared though! I don't think I take very good care of them if I got kidney stones 25 years early!:(

Meghan said...

I think kidney problems run in the family, Mar. Me, Tyler, Kevin, and you have all had problems. Water, slow sodium diet, and exercise!

Marley said...

I only got one question wrong!