Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to

In May, Joe and I are off to Las Vegas for 2 weddings! My dear longtime friend (and practically sister), Lindsey, is marrying her love Jesse (they have been together for years and years and years!). I am so happy for her! Then, 2 days later, I will see my friend Jennie marry Lawerance - they are such a cute couple! It is going to be an amazing weekend and so much fun!


this free bird said...

yes it is! and you know what else? it's going to be WARM.

in the meantime there's always faux cat hats. good grief.


Hollie said...

hey thats great timing!

Mokey said...

if i was writing this blog entry, thats what I would be looking forward to also! Yay for Vegas in May!!!!

Meghan said...

It is great timing for sure! I am so happy I get to go to both :)

Yes Mokey! Yay for Vegas and yay for you!

Marie said...

That's a good month to visit Vegas, enjoy!:D

***** Marie *****