Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 5 - A song to match your mood

Ok, I know, I know, The Wiggles? Whaaat? Well, today I am going back to Brooks (come on new baby! We are waiting for you!) and I am going to surprise Ainsley and Gavin. With Ainsley and Gavin come The Wiggles. They LOVE them. This song is especially fun because we do the actions together and Gavin gets so excited.


Hollie said...

oh, my niece used to make me listen to the wiggles!! Hooray for new babies.

ps. I LOVE the name Ainsley. That was what I wanted to name Emma.

Meghan said...

The Wiggles are pretty fun - they both just get so excited, it's cute.

Ainsley is a good name, so is Emma! :) What made you chose Emma instead?