Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 8 - A place you've traveled to

It wasn't hard to pick a place I've traveled to to talk about. I've been across Canada, spent a lot of time all around the eastern United States, I've been to England, France, and Ireland. But my most favourite place I have been is Oahu, Hawaii. Each time we are there we discover something new, we have our favourite restaurants, our favourite parts of the island, and we are getting pretty good and knowing our way around. We step off the plane, breathe in the air, and just let everything go. Make sure you go one day. Maui soon (probably with an Oahu side trip - love it)!

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head behind me.

Hanauma Bay - one of my favourite places ever. I love to snorkel and here is a little friend I found (I found many more, there are all different kinds everywhere).

On the east side - near Kaaawa

There are lots of cool shops and shrimp shacks along the North Shore.

View of Honolulu from the top of Diamond Head. Worth the climb (which isn't so bad).

Around Kualoa Ranch

I don't remember where this was...we stopped and took a photo.


Waikiki - home of the ABC store


Bubbles said...

It looks amazing.

Hollie said...

you already know this is pulling at my heart strings! I'm loving all the posts with pictures of you in them. It's nice to put a face w/a name. :]

Meghan said...

Hollie, I was thinking of you as I was writing this post :)

And Bubbles, I hope you get to go one day! It is truly beautiful!

Pearls&Politics said...

I LOVE Hawaii!!

Kathleen said...

I love Hawaii. I've been to all the islands and kaui is my favorite... I think you will love Maui it's a great combo of Oahu and kaui. Everytime we are there we meet canadians! Must be a hot holiday spot :) ps is this a new blog? Was I following a different one before ?? Nonetheless I'm officially following you now!

Hollie said...

I think we should have a blogger meet up.. in Hawaii.

Meghan said...

Yes! I am so in :)

Signe said...

Oh man, this looks like the perfect holiday! I would not mind a trip there to get away from the snow a few days :)