Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 4 - Your parents

Here is my mom (with me at my University graduation):

And here is my dad:

There are photos of them together, I just don't have any at my house, they are all at my mom's. I should really steal one from her, I would love to have one. My favourite is the one on their wedding day. They eloped in February to Montana and got married by a Justice of the Peace.

My favourite memory of my parents is when we were living in Red Deer. My mom was wearing a button-up purple dress with small white polka dots all over. It went right past her knees and had a big white collar. I remember her being in the kitchen and I went to go see her (I was probably 5). My dad pulled her behind him and said that she was his and he wouldn't share her. My mom didn't say anything and pretended to look horrified. He kept saying that he loved her and he just wanted her all to himself. It was really sweet and I remember just thinking he was silly.

My dad had a funny laugh and I always thought he was just like Fred Flintstone. He loved Westerns and the 3 Stooges. He would listen to really old country music from the 50s. He passed away in March 1996.

I admire my mom so much. She is so strong and has raised an amazing family. I love them both so much and they were perfect together.


M.G.T said...


M.G.T said...
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Bubbles said...

That is just a lovely memory of your parents :D.

kelli said...

My memory... hehe
We were supposed to be going somewhere but I can't remember where (maybe Calaway or something) and Dad drew a mustache on Mom. It looked so real and said we couldn't go because Mom had woken up with a mustache. We told her to just shave it but he said it would grow thicker and darker. I was mortified.

Meghan said...

I remember that too! I remember her looking in the mirror and looking so sad! I think it was April Fools wasn't it? I just remember thinking that it sucked to be her and then remember dad laughing!