Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 6 - A picture of something that makes you happy

I have 2 pictures! Me with my favourite ladies. I love them so much and don't know what I would do without them. Seeing their beautiful faces always makes me happy!

(Mary, Teira, me, and Jen)

(Teira, Mary, me, and Jen)


Hollie said...

You're very lucky to have a group of girlfriends! I've never had a lot of girlfriends, and I outgrew the ones I had when I moved to Texas and became a mom. :[

M.G.T said...

Love you so much!

TeiraMarie said...

I love these two pictures of us! I have them up in my room at home :) Miss you amazing girls. It is so lovely to have strong females in my life to rely on.

Signe said...

Great pictures of you and your girlfriends Meghan :)
Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Meghan said...

Hollie - I outgrew a lot of my old friends too, when I moved away to go to University. Luckily, I found these lovely ladies! Sadly (or happily?) Mary moved to Vancouver to get her Masters, and Teira went to the Netherlands for a school semester. Jen was gone this time last year to Australia for school as well. We were able to all be together again for a bit at Christmas though :) I think they will stick by me when I have a baby - I will have a lot of good babysitters! I'm about 4 years older then them all!