Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 10 - Something you're afraid of

I am scared of a lot of things. When I was little, there wasn't much I was afraid of, now I'm grown and a wuss! I'm scared of my house burning down, being buried alive, not being successful, my family or friends being hurt...and spiders. The sight of them is enough to get me sweaty and nervous and leave the room. I would always get my little brother to kill them if I found one in my bedroom, and then I would be too scared to even sleep there. Ugh, I hate them.

But, my sister, Kelli, doesn't. These photos are of her spider, Tobey. She is a tarantula and her and I are not friends. I don't know where Kelli has her stashed in the home now, especially with her 2 kiddies (soon 3 - her due date is today, c'mon baby!) around. I don't remember seeing it in her living room last time I was there, which is where it used to be. Gross, I just don't like her. Sorry, Kelli.


She shed her skin! The top left corner is her old skin (it looks like another spider!) and she is at the bottom in that web. I am not really sure why she did it. I know Kelli was pretty excited when it happened. Yuck. It looks like 2 spiders and that = not cool.


Hollie said...

SHUT UP!! EWW. EWW. EWW. I want to throw up after seeing that last pic! I am terrified of spiders. And terrified of killing them. If I have one in the house that gets away before Bryan can kill it, you can bet your ass I will be sleeping in a hotel until I'm assured it's gone.

I just read a post on a random blog today about this family's house burning down, and I've been thinking about it all day. I'm scared of that too.

Meghan said...

Oh, I'm the same. It is the worst feeling seeing one and then it disappearing before you kill it (or someone else does - I am too scared to kill them!). My brothers used to kill them and then chase me with the kleenex until I cried. Ugh, they are just the worst.

kelli said...

My Tobey <3 She is in my room on the tall dresser next to our bed. lol. I am scared of Gavin opening the cage.

Jennifer said...

OH BOY! It totally looks like two spiders. I didn't know they shed! AH! Im okay with the little ones but not this guy! Ah!

Anait said...

Oh my gosh....that photo with the shedded skin....SHUDDER.

I hate spiders...and my parents' basement is FULL of them. I don't venture there except when absolutely necessary ;)