Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoe clips

Confession: I don't really like shoes. I never know what looks good, I am afraid to wear anything too flashy, and I do not like heels (I think I am too tall in them - even though I'm really not). I will wear heels and do own a few, but they are not my shoe of choice. In winter - Uggs. In summer - flats. I don't even own a pair of sneakers (except for my gym shoes).

I love my flats though. They are comfy and go with whatever. So naturally, I LOVE these shoe clips! What a great way to transform a boring pair of flats.

I love these!
(via The Headband Shoppe)

My second favourite!
(via LizzyJune)



Pearls&Politics said...

what a cool idea! Is there a site that has multiple different styles?
I also think I'm too tall for heels (plus they hurt my back) and I always wear Uggs and flats/flip-flops during the Winter and Summer as well--not very versatile of me haha :)

M.G.T said...

Wearing such cute things on your feet will make you always want to look down. To Atlantis.

Bubbles said...

Those are fantastic, I aren't a shoe person either so your not alone there. I own some heals but mainly wear flat anything, I own a pair of trainers that I've only used about 5 times in the last 6 years! But I do have moments where if I see a pair of shoes I like I buy them as its so rare that I get any.

Hollie said...

these are so cute! my wardrobe is so boring, I could use a few.

Dani said...

i love all of these shoes :P

Signe said...

These are just fab :)

Anait said...

I looooooove shoes, and especially flats. Though, honestly, right now I would wear anything other than UGGS! When will spring be here???