Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm such a cat person

This evening, Joe and I ventured to the Calgary Humane Society. We have decided to adopt a cat. I am a huge cat lover (Joe says he isn't but I think he is secretly becoming one). I have two awesome cats at my mom's house (Turbo and Poochie/CatDog) who I love to visit when I am home, so I am excited that Joe and I are getting our own. Our trip ended in me crying because it is so sad to see so many amazing cats looking for love. But it was really great to see all the people there looking to adopt and the wonderful staff and volunteers who gave each and every cat so much attention and cuddles.

We ran out of time today and haven't made a decision yet (how we will pick 1, I have no idea) and will be going back tomorrow for more visits.

Do you have any pets?


this free bird said...

Yay Meghan!! Girl I am a big cat rescuer and adopter. I had 3, one got attacked by a dog while I was moving (ixnay on big dogs) and I still have the other 2. I made the Chef (my bf) rescue another outside church or said I would take it myself. We love our cats and they are so fiercely loyal because they know what it is to be abandoned, live on the streets, not have anyone to care for them.

Your post makes me so happy I might cry!!

Girl, turn up the heat and let's do a virtual toast. BTW - I totally outed your blog to my bro and sis-in-law over the holidays when that crazy cold weather day came up. Thank God in heaven it wasn't -42 when I was home...only -36. HHAHAHA!!

Hope you had a great holiday in Philly!!

ps-take pics of your cat and share!!

Hollie said...

I wish (for the sake of Bryan and Emma) that I was a pet person, but I just can't do it. I'm too selfish to take care of a pet. :\

Anait said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations!! That's really great! I am not a pet person...though I love animals I don't love them in my home (maybe I'm selfish, too). But I'm always impressed for those who make room in their homes, and lives, for little creatures :)