Sunday, January 23, 2011


My sister is soo close to having her baby! She is due February 9th, but the doctor thinks she may deliver early because there has already been some big signs. My sister is skeptical of that because her other 2 were both 5 days late. We will see!

So I've had babies on the brain. I love these baby items (all good for a boy or a girl - we don't know what this new baby will be!). I'm so excited!

A cute baby fawn print
(via Tara Mcauley by Tara Put)

A customized vinyl graphic for the nursery - love it!
(via ChickadeeVinyl)

A cute stuffed elephant named Peter. I got a pink stuffed animal elephant (whose name is Elephant) when I was a baby and it is one of my most prized possessions. I always love getting elephants for new babies now!
(via VelociCrafter)

And of course a Bono onsie - because I love U2.
(via DaisyLouise)


M.G.T said...

LOVE the wall sticker (and clearly the onesie)

Check out this sweet onesie!

Bubbles said...

Oh how exciting and the days are flying by... baby stuff is just the cutest but its even harder when its a girl as there is just so much more to choose from.

LatteLisa said...

does that Bono piece come in my size? ;-)

That nursery graphic is really cool.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aww! A new baby is so exciting! I love all of the things you picked out, my favorite might be that cute fawn print! Adorable. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth