Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 1 - Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

(Chess in a hay field! I'm on the left, Teira is on the right. I heart this photo!)

And now 15 facts (I always have a hard time coming up with these...)

1) I have a fish named Mog. He was all white and I named him after Mog from the Final Fantasy games - but he changed colour on me and is now all black. Oswald leaves him alone.
2) I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies.
3) I was born 10 days late and my mom had to be woken up by the nurse to start pushing - she was asleep!
4) I have 4 brothers (2 are half) and 2 sisters. I have a younger brother and a younger sister and the rest are older. I LOVE being part of a big family - it was always a lot of fun (and still is!).
5) My middle name is Kathleen.
6) When I was little, I was very girly and would only wear shoes that made noise when I walked and I called them 'spiffys.' I would have to test them on the hard floor in the mall (if the store had carpet) to make sure.
7) My favourite song is Piano Man by Billy Joel.
8) I would live in pajamas if I could.
9) My favourite drink is chocolate milk.
10) My favourite colour is green.
11) My eyes are a strange colour. My eye doctor told me she has never seen eyes like mine and asked what I colour I would call them. They are like a bluish-greenish-greyish. When I ask my niece what colour they are she always looks at them closely and answers, "I don't know."
12) I can play the alto saxophone.
13) I looove roller coasters. The best one I have ever been on is called Air at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England.
14) I hate falling asleep on the couch - it throws me off big time. I am a big sleeper and need at least 8 hours a night and I love every moment of it.
15) I have horrible eye sight. I wear glasses or contacts. Without them, I can't see a thing. I have to place my glasses in the exact same spot every night or I won't be able to find them in the morning.


Anait said...

Now I'm curious about your eyes! And I am so terrified of roller coasters!

this free bird said...

This thing about your shoes is awesome. Spiffy's!! That is so cute!

Meghan said...

My eyes are just hard to figure out, Anait. You look and you just can't figure out what colour they are. Sometimes more blue, sometimes green, a lot of times grey...they are weird.

And I love my spiffys!

Marie said...

Interesting facts!:D

I love chocolate milk too and pjs are always comfy!:D

***** Marie *****