Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silly Oswald

Oswald has been adjusting pretty well to living here with us, and it has been just over 2 months since we adopted him. At first, it was a struggle because we were taking him to the vet weekly because he had a stubborn case of kitty acne on his chin. I had to scrub it twice a day and apply a gel - so he didn't like me too much. It has cleared up now and he is much happier since we haven't had to take him back.

He has started feeling comfortable coming into our room in the mornings which he didn't do at all before, and he is always wanting attention and wanting to play. He will come up to Joe or I and touch our legs to let us know he wants something. When you pet him, it always has to turn into a game. He just flops down onto his side and tries to get your hand and then will gently bite. He doesn't use his claws at first, but then he gets pretty excited and they come out.

As I was waiting for Jen to pick me up yesterday, I noticed this...Oswald was sitting. I thought maybe he was going to clean himself or something, but nope, he just sat there looking around. So I captured it on my phone. What a silly guy.


Hollie said...

have I ever told you that I hate animals? :\ Ok, it's not actually animals that I don't like, its the idea of having them inside of my house. This post and that picture sort of makes me want a cat.

Signe said...

Naaw, he is such a sweetie!

Marie said...

That's a cute picture!:D

***** Marie *****

LatteLisa said...

haha, hilarious!