Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grey day

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Today, my brother, Diggity (his real name is Cody, but my family has a thing with nicknames), is coming to pick up his passport and then I am going with him back to Brooks to spend some time with my family (before I start working again!). The next few days will be full of baby cuddles, Mario Party, Polly Pocket, and the Wiggles. I love my nieces (plural now!) and nephew and enjoy my time with them so much.

My mom also recently bought a new house! It is exciting but a bit sad at the same time (I told my friend Rath and she actually started tearing up - my mom's house means a lot to a lot of people). There are a ton of memories in her house - my family has been in it for 21 years now. But I guess when you go from a family of 8 (the most that lived in the house at once) to 2...there is just a lot of space for her to maintain. She isn't moving right away because she has to do a major downsize so it will be another year or so and she is renting it out until then. She is so excited and I am excited to see it for the first time!

The past few days have been so warm and sunny - the major melt has begun and Oswald has very much enjoyed laying in the sun. Today, however, is very grey. Nothing is blooming here yet and still no green but it seems spring is on its way!

Hope you are all having a great week so far!!


Bubbles said...

On Monday I was so excited to see the sun that after that day is has been seriously foggy and wet...I think its still a battle of the seasons.

Mokey said...

let me know if you have time to get together while you are in town! i would love to see you!

Kelli said...

You can have lots of baby cuddles... Maybe then I could get my house tidy. Lol not that it would last more than half hour. Ainsley will be so excited. She asks at least once a day to see you.

Marley said...

I heard it is snowing there now :( I hope that doesn't come here. I am excited to see everyone this weekend :)

LatteLisa said...

houses and memories ;-)

Any more news on that job offer you mentioned in an earlier post?

Anait said...

Change is good, even if it means leaving behind something of meaning.

Baby cuddles....what a perfect way to spend the weekend! :)

Signe said...

Hope you are enjoying your time with the family and the nice weather - Oslo is sunny as well :)

Hugs and wish you a nice weekend!