Friday, March 4, 2011

McKinley Lauren

Hello weekend, it is nice to see you! I hope you are all having a nice Friday!

Mine has been pretty interesting, including some nice white smoke that smelt like burnt hair rising out of my steering wheel column. No fun - so now I can't drive anywhere and I have to take the car in on Sunday evening to get checked. Not driving isn't usually so bad because Calgary has an ok public transit system and we live close to the train and buses and I have a bike; however, it is freezing outside and we have a lot of snow so it isn't fun to walk (or bike) to the stops and freeze. Not that I had any major weekend plans, but it looks like I'll be bumming around at home. And not only that, but I had plans to go pick up Vietnamese takeout tonight since Joe will be out...but now I cannot. So sad.

In other news, meet Ms. McKinley Lauren, my newest niece (finally a picture)! Is she soo cute or what?

What are your plans this weekend?


Anait said...

Congratulations on your niece! I just became an Aunt, too :)

Sorry to hear about car troubles...but at least you do have public transportation. Tedious is better than nothing, right?

Have a great weekend :) Maybe you can find someplace that will deliver to YOU.

LatteLisa said...

your niece is so cute ;-)

Sorry about the car and the cold.