Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling patriotic...thanks to beer commercials

Hockey is on...even better, a Flames game is on. And we are winning. What better way to spend the evening at home alone then with the game? With the hockey game, comes many beer commercials. Specifically, Molson Canadian beer (which, when you order, is called a Canadian, not Molson**).

Molson Canadian beer commercials have a way of making me feel very proud to be Canadian (although, I always feel that way). Wouldn't you with these 2 commercials? They are worth a watch - they are short, one has amazing scenery, and the other is so funny (can't wait to get to those mountains when it warms up!).

**When I was in Pittsburgh I ordered a Canadian and was told they don't carry it. Then I asked for a Molson; she brought me a Canadian.


Signe said...

That is one great commercial! And Canadian nature reminds me of Norway :)

TeiraMarie said...

Love that!! So perfect. I always love those commercials. Here is my contribution to some Canadiana:

Meghan said...

Signe, I hear Norway is soo beautiful. Maybe one day I will get to see for myself :)

And I love that, Teira!