Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh my ouch

Today, after work, I had wonderful plans to clean my house and get things ready for a get together with my greatest friends at my house on Saturday. In my motivation, I decided I wanted to move a table I have downstairs to my bedroom. However, that never happened as part of the table fell as I had it lifted in the air and crushed my toes. After it happened I just kinda stood there swearing in my head and pretending it didn't hurt. Then, I slowly made my way back upstairs and into the kitchen to get ice. Once there, in the light, I noticed my sock was soaked. Ew. Then, I sat down in my living room and took it off. I totally did not expect to see what I did and went into a pretty bad shock and freak out and started crying. I just sat there for awhile and then called Joe (like he could do anything - he is thousands of miles away) and then decided to call my brother, who also lives here but doesn't have a car. So then I called Teira and left a message. Within 15 minutes she was over.

Happy early weekend to me...but so not worth it.

I am really mad it happened. I should have been more careful. And I just know it is going to take awhile to heal and I hate that. So tomorrow will be spent in bed watching movies with an elevated foot and ice.

Thank you, Teira for coming to help me. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come!

Hope you all have a better start to your weekend! And enjoy some more Vince Guaraldi!


Marie said...

I am so sorry about your toe, I hope it gets better soon.

Be careful next time and try to enjoy watching movies in bed this weekend.:D

***** Marie *****

this free bird said...

Oh no! Take care of yourself. Smashed or even stubbed toes are the worst. This is an excuse for you to put your feet up for reals :)

Happy weekend!

Meghan said...

Thanks ladies. It is the worst - still throbbing. Blah. This made me realize how much of a wuss I am!

Jude said...

Oh no, Meghan! Stubbed or strained anything feels awful (it's a suddenly strained neck for me from last night). I'm so glad you took care of it right away and iced it well! I agree with Carrie, a great excuse to put your feet up all weekend!

Hollie said...

oh my god!! I hope its better soon. :[

Bursts of Bubbles said...

oh no! I hope it heals quickly and its great that you've got such a good friend to turn to.

LatteLisa said...

that's just awful to hear, poor you!

Signe said...

Oh you poor thing - so sorry you hurt yourself! Hope you are on the mend by now :)