Friday, December 10, 2010

Have a great weekend!

(photo via dishbase)

Today, my friend Jen came over and brought me some Vietnamese for lunch, yum! Then we did some Christmas baking (well, I sat with my foot elevated while she followed my directions - but I did roll cookies in sugar!). We (She) made peanut butter cups (thanks to Carrie's awesome recipe), butter tarts, and soft ginger cookies (both family recipes). Then we ate dinner and watched A Christmas Story. It was lovely.

Tomorrow, she is coming back over, along with Teira and Mary and we are heading to Market Collective and then coming back to my place to watch movies, play games, and eat good food. I am so excited for it because Mary moved to Vancouver for school and I haven't seen her in months! It will be great to have everyone together again!

Sunday, I'm going to do NOTHING. Usually I say that and then do a ton, but I am really going to do nothing. I mean it this time!

What are you weekend plans?


Bursts of Bubbles said...

I haven't any plans yet but I'm sure it will be filled with shopping, sorting out Christmas presents etc... and relaxing

Hollie said...

I wish I had someone to bring me vietnamese food! It's one of my favs and I don't have it very often because Bryan doesn't care for it. :[

Jude said...

I would've loved to have had the weekend you just had - love vietnamese as well and never met a oookie I didn't like :)

Signe said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend :)