Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It will officially be Christmas here in 2 minutes!

I arrived in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night (quite delayed - thanks, Delta) and it has been very nice to spend time here and to see my Joseph again. Things have been busy here and I will probably be absent the rest of the week as I spend time with family here.

I hope you are all having a happy and wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas! Keep a warm heart and spread the joy around.


Nattie said...

Happy Christmas Meghan! Enjoy your holiday! and hope your xmas fills with lots of love and joy! x Nattie

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Its Christmas day and I hope your having a fantastic time... I'm sure to are. Happy Christmas Meghan!

Hollie said...

merry christmas, meghan!

Signe said...

Hope you had a great celebration Meghan and 'see you' in 2011 :)