Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red lipstick

Joe and I have been watching Mad Men episodes almost every night and every time (and I mean every time; you can ask him) we watch I make the comment about how watching it makes me want to put on red lipstick. I have never tried it, but soon, I plan on beginning my search for the perfect shade. Don't these women look so lovely and classic?

(photos found on: wikstenmade, and Old Soul New Heart)


TeiraMarie said...

I love a red lip!! I have so many red lipsticks, but I'm pretty sure only one actually matches me. Although I like to mix two of them to get a really great colour.

It is just so classic beauty. I love it.

Rebecca-Elizabeth said...

There's a really good colour from MAC. Tomorrow, I'll search my make-up case and find the name :)