Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Any plans? Tomorrow, Joe and I are going to a movie, but we haven't decided which yet. Any suggestions?

And how awesome is this photo? It is near Banff, Alberta - and I am lucky enough to live less than 2 hours away. I heart the mountains so.


Jenna said...

Gorgeous picture! Love your blog, as well. Hope you will stop by and say hello on mine, follow if you like (hope so!)...I am following you as well :)

Have fun at the movies!

Meghan said...

Thank you so much Jenna! I'm your newest follower :) You have a great blog, so awesome you are a freelance writer!

Have a great weekend!

Heartfire At Home said...

Beautiful image! I'm going to see the musical Oliver Twist on stage, so that should be fun! Happy weekend Meghan. :)

Linda. xox

Signe said...

Lovely picture indeed! Reminds me a little of the north of Norway when I am from.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the movies tonight :)

Signe said...

Sigh, typos! When = Where :)

Meghan said...

Linda, that sounds fun! Hope you enjoy it!

Signe, I have a friend in Trondheim, maybe you are from around there?

Jude said...

This is soo beautiful! I missed a chance to camp in Banff once, and have always wanted to go back (esp. when I see this :))