Monday, August 30, 2010

Product Junkie

I am a product junkie, I am not going to deny it. I have products over flowing in my shower and on my bathroom counter. I have gotten a lot better, I must admit, and that may be because I have finally found my go-to products. Here are a few that I use:

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is amaaazing! I use it every night to get my make-up off and it just melts it all away. It makes my face super clean but feeling so soft.

The new formula for Bath and Body Works lotions are a huge step up. I loved their body lotion before but now it is so much better. It just soaks right in, smells so good, and transforms my skin. These 3 are my favourite scents.

My friends will tell you I am too serious about wrinkles - but I want to do what I can early, no harm in that! I'm getting closer and closer to 30. I use Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Revenge 1 every night after Purity, leave it on while I brush my teeth, then rinse it off. It has antioxidants and glycolic acid to help prevent wrinkles and exfoliate.

Like Butter Cream Cleansing Bar is the best soap ever. Inexpensive, lasts forever, and has shea butter. It makes my skin creamy and silky. The only thing is I often have to stock up because it is often sold out at my local Bath and Body Works.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 is something I always go back to. Sometimes I don't use a toner or switch and use something different and I don't know why. I always end up re-buying this product. It helps clean every last trace of dirt and oil off my skin (if there is anything left after Purity!) but also helps keep my pores clean and my skin clear. There are different formulas (1, 2, 3, or 4) and you can take this test to find which number you are!

I have oily skin and I don't use moisturizer in the summer. Winter is another story. Winter here is so harsh, dry, and so very cold. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel does the trick for me! It is non-greasy, lightweight, and just sinks right in. A little goes a long way and the price is right.

What are your favourite products?


Bursts of Bubbles said...

I keep saying to myself that I need to look after my skin as I use absolutely nothing on it and it is often so dry including my lips. Seeing all these products has really made me want to go and investigate whats on the shelves and test them out :)

Signe said...

Love Cliniques products, it's something I tend to buy from time to time myself. The rest of these I haven't even seen, guess they don't sell them in Norway.

And if you are afraid of wrinkles I can recommend Lancome Genifique Youth Serum and cream! Very pricy but amazing, and if you don't need much cream to keep your skin moist it's probably perfect :)

Jude said...

Love Clinique too! Have you tried the philosophy Amazing Grace? That one's also lovely :)

Rebecca-Elizabeth said...

Have you tried Vanilla Cocunut from BBW? Oh gosh, I wish I could bathe in it consistently. Smells delicious. Just a slight variation from the original Vanilla, but SO unique. I stocked up on their buy 2 get 3 free sale!!

Meghan said...

I am totally going to look for that Lancome stuff! And Amazing Grace (I think my friend wears it and loooves it too!).

Becs, I have the body wash :) Yummmmy!