Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, we are back. Vegas was exhausting - but both weddings were beautiful and congratulations to Lindsey and Jesse and Jennie and Lawerance!

It was late when we arrived and I was sick and a big grump so I went to bed while Joe toured around. The next day we explored the strip, went to Mesa Grill (Iron Chef Bobby Flay's restaurant - yum!), and met up with Joe's sister who happened to the be there on business and went to see Cirque de Soliel - LOVE (it was all about the Beatles). It was pretty cool but lacked a lot of the crazy acrobats Cirque usually has. But still really good effects!

On Friday we went to Lindsey and Jesse's wedding ceremony in the middle of the Nevada dessert, the reception was at Serendipity 3 at Caesar's Palace (where their 'wedding cake' was frozen hot chocolates) and then went to the casinos and gambled!

Saturday was another day we had to ourselves so we spent it going from hotel to hotel, bar to bar, casino to casino, just taking it all in. I must say - Joe and I had a really good day and very good conversation. We are so busy with our lives that sometimes we forget to do that. In the evening we ran into Lindsey, Jesse and her family again and went to Serendipityy 3 again (what can we say? It is super good and the mac and cheese was delicious!)

On Sunday we went to Jennie and Lawerance's wedding in the gardens at the Flamingo and enjoyed the wonderful dinner reception. Jennie looked so beautiful!

On Monday we came home - and it was a loooong day. We took off from Vegas and a passenger had a medical emergency so right after a very turbulent take off we turned around and landed very quickly. Many people on the flight got sick because it was so rough and we had to all get off the plane so it could get cleaned and the paramedics took off the other passenger. Luckily, I was able to make to it the airport bathroom before getting sick (yes, it was that awful). So then we took off again and had 2 layovers - in Portland and Seattle and FINALLY we made it back to Calgary. I am still tired!

Next week is U2!! I am so excited for that - especially because I finally got my ticket confirmation and get to pick up my tickets at the window marked "U2 Guest Tickets" since I have band reserved tickets - it pays to have a husband who has connections to U2! Marley (my younger sister) is coming with me and it is going to be soo fun!

For now, here are some Vegas photos!
I hope you all had a great weekend and you are having a great week (it is almost over already!).


Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3

Fountain at Caesar's Palace (one of many)

Eiffel Tower at Paris - not as big or cool as the real one, but still nice

LOVE - waiting to see the show

Mesa Grill - Bobby Flay's restaurant in Caesar's Palace


Ugh - I can't imagine eating beef any way but well done, but Joe liked it!

The best dip ever

So strong

This was inside!

The middle of the Nevada dessert - the backdrop to Lindsey and Jesse's wedding ceremony!


Hollie said...

I'm glad you had fun! That last picture looks like the perfect backdrop for a wedding. It's so pretty!

LatteLisa said...

You guys obviously had fun. Sorry to hear about the flight and sickness.

Get a good rest before U2, girl! Cannot believe you're going to U2 concerts. Awesome.

Bubbles said...

It sounds like you had a good but tiring time and I bet its good to be home.

I can't wait to read more about the U2 concert

Meghan said...

Yes, it was a good time and we had fun - but Vegas wasn't really for us. We wouldn't go back unless more weddings.

I am so excited for U2 - I saw them back in 2000 and they were really good!

Now, to catch up on all your blogs :)

Marley said...

Lindsey and Jesse's wedding looked like so much fun! I've heard a lot about frozen hot chocolate; I can't wait to try one day.

Better get your game face on, I'm going to take picture the entire day.