Friday, May 6, 2011

Have a nice weekend!

(via weheartit)

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight, Joe and I are going for burgers and fries. The rest of the weekend I want to do nothing, but alas, I have a bunch of editing to do.

It is finally starting to warm up here but we have been getting rain and gray skies. But at least there is green grass in some places!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


M.G.T said...

Yum! Where are you going??

Meghan said...

We went to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Joe sooo picky about burgers (e.g., "What is the big deal about Peter's? It is just a frozen patty.")But he really liked 5 Guys.

TeiraMarie said...

I keep forgetting it is the weekend. This is because my school schedule is ridiculously easy and I'm a sham of an adult who doesn't live by a real person schedule. One day I will.

I hope your weekend is relaxing. I'm sending you some of our summer weather. I hope it gets to you soon.

Signe said...

We have been to IKEA to get a few things that we will bring with us up north but other than that we don't have anything planned :)

Hope your burger date turned out nice and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Anait said...

Hope your weekend is as lovely as you planned! I've wanted to try 5 Guys for the longest time....I'll have to make a date of it, too.

Happy Sunday :)

LatteLisa said...

For us it was the beach and a lot of homemade stuff for our bellies. Perfect weekend.

I hope yours was nice and that the grass got a little greener ;-)