Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

Twirl necklace from Kate Spade that I will be buying for my niece, Ainsley, who loves to twirl (and is very good at it!)

My new mug
(via Anthropologie)

Vegas in 9 sleeps!
(via weheartit)

And Joni Mitchell because I love her.

I hope you have a great start to your week!


TeiraMarie said...

Cute tea cup! Does it come with a matching saucer? I love when tea cups have matching saucers.

I totally forgot about your Vegas Wedding Bonanza!! How exciting!

This post is funny but totally reminds me of you. Mish mash is right. Enjoy your Monday you crazy early morning blogger.

LatteLisa said...

oh my, that Joni Mitchell song is in my favourites and god only knows how often I've clicked on reply! Sometimes I think the YouTube people will contact me just to make sure I'm OK.

LatteLisa said...

I meant to write replay ;-)

Kathleen said...

love the mug!

Jennifer said...

I went to Anthropolgie for the first time the other day! I am sure Ainsley will love the necklace:) SO cute!

M.G.T said...

That is THE BEST necklace! And Joni...well, that song kills me. So good.


Cat said...

Who doesn't love to twirl! Love that necklace :)

xx Cat brideblu

Stephanie said...

I love that mug! (And Joni Mitchell!)