Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love to travel (except the flying part - I hate flying) and have been lucky enough to go to a few places (not nearly as many as I would like!). In December, I will be flying to Pittsburgh for Christmas. Then in May, I will be going to Las Vegas for not one, but two weddings! There is one on Friday and one on Sunday. Two friends who don't even know each other but obviously have great timing. Then this summer, we will hopefully make it back to Europe. That is still up in the air but I am really hoping we get to go! Both Joe and I have been there, but not together so it will be nice to visit more amazing cities with him.

Here are a few cute travel accessories:

I have a very hard time sleeping on airplanes. Even if it is a red eye, I just can't do it. Even though I can't sleep, I try really hard to relax so I really like using an eye mask. I can shut everyone out and pretend I am not in a stuffy airplane.

(via RUCHE)

Can't travel without a camera to capture the moments - and therefore a cute camera case!

(via Sephora)
(via Sephora)

Packing light is not my strong suit, but I am getting better. I really like multiple use products when I travel. Lush solid shampoos are super light and easy to pack - plus Godiva (the one pictured) is a 2 in 1. Usually I don't like using a 2 in 1 but this one is nice! Argan oil is another, I use it as a facial moisturizer, and to keep my hair smooth, silky, and soft. And Nars has this fabulous makeup stick (called the Multiple) that can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips, and your body. Better than packing a bag full of products!

(via inblue)

A journal to track your adventures. I love this one with the bike!

(via Gap)
(via Polyvore)

(via Polyvore)

And finally, a shawl or a scarf. Airplanes are always so cold! Even when I travel to warm destinations, I always dress warm. Makes me feel more comfortable and cozy. A soft sweater is nice too.

Do you have any trips coming up? What do you bring with you?


Jude said...

Oooh, I love your picks! The eyemask and earplugs are super-important for me. I also love bringing a versatile coat with hood to avoid carrying umbrellas, and layers to go from cold airplanes to warm tropics...

I'm missing that cute camera case and journal :)

Meghan said...

Oh great idea about the jacket! I really need to invest in a good one. I bet you are such a pro at traveling!

Signe said...

All I need on a airplane is a book and my iPod :)
That journal is amazing though!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I am not too bad with flying, I'm like Signe I just need a good book/magazine to keep my entertained. Then on the longer flights they usually turn the lights off so that you can sleep but of course you still have some people who think its ok to act like an elephant stamping up and down the aisle and upsetting other peoples children.

Meghan said...

you are both lucky! I can't read on airplanes because I get air sick :( I always bring a magazine, just in case, but after about 3 pages, I have to stop.