Sunday, October 3, 2010


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(via Forever21)

I don't fuss around with my hair too much. I either blow-dry it straight, or just let my natural waves air dry. This is a big reason why I love headbands - I just pop one on and it is instant glam! I have a few that I wear often and always get tons of compliments. I love the ones above, especially the feather ones!

Do you wear headbands? Would you wear any of these?


TeiraMarie said...

I love headbands and I totally agree, you put one on with a simple pony and all of a sudden your hair looks all dressed up. My only problem is that they give me headaches in about 10 minutes flat so I end up taking them off before long.

Meghan said...

aw, T, that is no fun :(

Jude said...

Oh my, I really need to try this out because my hair just dries "au naturel" most days (and looks a scraggly mess!) These are so pretty :)

Meghan said...

Jude - it is very much the same with me! But these just make you automatically put together, I swear!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

These are lovely, I don't wear one but would love to as there are nicer styles now then when I was younger

Meghan said...

I remember when I was little there were big plastic neon ones. Headbands have definitely gotten better and more grown up!