Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love Song cover

I am a big fan of The Cure and just noticed Adele did a cover of their song Love Song. I like how she slowed it down and gave it a romantic sound. The original is here.

Also, I'll be posting pictures from this weekend soon - I had great seats for the Calgary Stampede Parade and saw Kate - although she blocked my view of William. Tomorrow, I finally get to see my friend Teira! She returned from her semester abroad and we are going to a pancake breakfast (there are pancake breakfasts all over the city everyday during Stampede - if you live in the area, find them at FlapJack Finder).


LatteLisa said...

Love Adele's version. First I did not realize it was the Cure song but then the brain went: wait a minute!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Sunday ;-)

M.G.T said...

Absolutely in love with this song. It really moves me somehow. Love.