Sunday, June 12, 2011


The days here have been...inconsistent. One day it is sunny, the next it is very rainy, or, like yesterday, very rainy then very sunny to very rainy. This had made it difficult to get out riding my bike. I love my bike and I love going for rides. But it needs to stop raining and, lets be honest, I need to get off my bum.

I wish Calgary was a better bike city. It has its trails here and there but not a lot of on-road bike lanes and the city is not very accessible to bike - there is so much sprawl. Do you live in a city that is easy to bike?

My friend, Teira, is in the Netherlands on an exchange and one of the first things she did was purchase a bike. She made this very cool video of her commute. I wish!

I miss you, T!


TeiraMarie said...

If there's one thing I've learned from biking in the Netherlands it is that you can't let the rain stop you. That said, when it rains in Calgary it is way colder than here, but everyone just bikes in the rain here.

See you soon :)

Bubbles said...

A lot of that video reminds me so much of buildings here but one thing for sure we don't have any set up like that for bikes... you actually see hardly any bikes on the road unless you get up and go out before 6am when there are no buses. We do however have bike lanes on the road but I'd be too scared to use them.

LatteLisa said...

Antwerp is all about bicycles. Just move over here ;-)

Jennifer said...

We are going to bike like crazy this summer:) And maybe when Ts back we can try a rainy ride!

Signe said...

I just love bicycling in Holland, everything is accomodated for it :)

Happy Sunday!