Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Evening Mish Mash

How is your weekend going? Mine has been pretty busy - but this evening, I'm just relaxing, finally!

Here are a couple of things I'm excited about:

  • My new cup! Yep, I went back to Anthropologie to get one. This one isn't on their website and I love it! (And yep, still don't have a camera...).

  • While at the mall, I wandered into the Kiehl's store to purchase some new face products. I have a friend who has amazing skin and has used it for years and years - but I didn't give it a shot. Then, while at the airport last week, the girl in front of me in the security line had pretty skin and I caught a glimpse of her belongings in the bin (I didn't mean to be snoopy - it just happened!). In her little zip-lock bag were travel sized Kiehl's products. I decided then I was going to try them. I bought some cleanser last week, and went back for more yesterday after falling in love with samples. My skin feels a lot better already. The price tag is a bit high, but a little goes so far, so it is worth it. Have you ever tried Kiehl's? I love finding new products.

  • A Game of Thrones. I LOVE this book series, and I am so excited for the HBO mini series that is starting in 8 days (I've been counting down for awhile). Have you read them? Click here for a 15 minute preview. In July, the 5th book in the series comes out - I've been waiting for years and years!
  • The Canadian Election - May 2nd. True, this is the 4th Federal election in 7 years, and yes, many Canadians are upset about it. I'm not one of them. As Rick Mercer wrote, "There is much discussion in this country about whether this is an unnecessary election. The Prime Minister went so far as to call it a dangerous exercise. There is no such thing. There are many threats to democracy—voting isn’t one of them."
  • Easter weekend - I get to go to Brooks and spend time with my family!
  • Las Vegas - only 38 more sleeps!
  • Hawaii - My mom is there right now, probably relaxing on the lanai. Joe and I will be going back in October. It seems so far, but it will be so nice to be back!
  • The chocolate milkshake Joe is making me right now.
I hope you are having a great weekend!!


Hollie said...

That cup is so cute!! My weekend has had its ups & downs, which I'm learning is the norm when you own a 2 year old. :\

We have a lot of political bs going on here too. I actually havent watched the news since the earthquake in Japan, and I was surprised to learn that the govt intended to shut down on Friday, if they couldn't agree on a budget. I might ought to start keeping up with the headlines every now and then. :\

Pearls&Politics said...

ah, that cup is so cute! I love that it has two curves for your fingers :) glad you were able to finally have a moment to relax.

& I tried Kiehls products once and really liked the mask I tried-however I found out they test their products on animals which I don't like :l Can't buy from them anymore

Meghan said...

Hollie - I heard about that going on there! I didn't even know that could happen...

Pearls - They do!? BOO! :(

Hollie said...

It wouldn't have lasted for more than a few days if it did. It's just sad to see everyone so divided. Nothing will get fixed that way.

Meghan said...

Kinda what went down here. How our government is set up - there isn't always one person in charge. Like, Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister because he is the leader of the Conservative party - but they didn't get enough votes last time to have more than half of the seats, but because they still got the most votes, they win but it is just a minority government. We have had one for a long time now so nothing ever gets done because even if they want to do something, they will never have majority votes alone. That is what happened the past few weeks (because of the federal budget) and so they are now deemed unfit and an election is called. It can happen anytime so that is why we have had 4 in 7 years...I guess we will see the outcome soon.

Marie said...

Yay for the new mug and the chocolate milkshake!:D

I like Kiehl's products too.:D

***** Marie *****